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Chess series (1)

This painting depicts the social issues of the society . Nowadays in Modern societies also .girls did not get the equal opportunity. I used chess which reflect the society and also draw some human masks which reflects the hidden human behavior . Want to show some aspects of life with chess.


Story on canvas depicting painting how people's lives got affected by the covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. In this, I have shown how people were tied inside their houses in the lockdown, how much their normal life was affected. In this painting, I have made illustration in canvas through acrylic color and hog hair brush, first I have done the background, then through the tape, the lines have been shown by light and sed.


I have made Ganesh in acrylic medium, I reflected the power of Ganesh with Trishul.


In this landscape painting I have presented the importance of Kedarnath. It has been made artistically, in which both of the Kedarnath temple and the conch shell have been made, which is a special symbol of the faith of Hindus.

Lady with Earing

I have painted a women with ear, it is symbol of patience. We Should be patience because this is very valuable quality of human being.


In this picture a woman is looking at the moon. Moonlight night always attracts people. In such an environment, feelings get awakened in people. Such moonlight nights always impress me too. That's why I have expressed my feelings through painting. There is an abundance of blue in this painting which gives scope to the imagination.

Seven Horses

I Have painted seven horses in this painting , its reflecting the energy of power . Cosmos also fill by energy . we have to energy positive and negative and we always try to balance. Without balance life is very difficult to manage. orange color is symbol of positive energy and dark color is symbol of negative energy and space is reflecting the presence of universe.