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‘मैं’ और बांसुरी

A devotee boy sitting in his house, who is so much indulge in playing flute that lord Krishna has appeared which can be seen in the form of Krishna.

A4 – Maa , Calligraphy (Devnagari )

I am Antara Sharma , from MA 1st Year Drawing and Painting ( School of fine Arts). Artist with 5+years of experience in Drawing and Painting, Calligraphy. Qualifications - BA,B.Ed,IGD BOMBAY ARTS Diploma,CCRT India Trainee.

Chess series (1)

This painting depicts the social issues of the society . Nowadays in Modern societies also .girls did not get the equal opportunity. I used chess which reflect the society and also draw some human masks which reflects the hidden human behavior . Want to show some aspects of life with chess.


Story on canvas depicting painting how people's lives got affected by the covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown. In this, I have shown how people were tied inside their houses in the lockdown, how much their normal life was affected. In this painting, I have made illustration in canvas through acrylic color and hog hair brush, first I have done the background, then through the tape, the lines have been shown by light and sed.


I have depicted in this painting that a girl is standing in the balcony thinking something. The dream of that girl is to go to the outer world but she is from a very poor family. Which was not able to go there. That's why she goes to her home everyday. Standing in the balcony, looking at the sky, she gets lost in the world of dreams and feels herself standing in space. I have used oil and acrylic colors in this painting.

Free Your Self

This painting is related to the life of some people. Some people's life is like these puppets, whom people dance on their instructions. Want to keep the strings of their lives in their hands. In this painting, I have shown that if we wish, we can free ourselves from the bondage imposed by others by fighting for our rights. When we have the feeling of living our life according to our own way. then the positive energies around us also start helping us. And we should not give up. In this painting, illusion and coat are playing the role of positive energy. Who are helping these puppets. We are protecting them from those people, who want to keep the strings of our lives in their hands and want us and our lives to run according to their own will. In this painting, I did the background with acrylic color. Rest all the pictures were painted with oil colors.


I have made Ganesh in acrylic medium, I reflected the power of Ganesh with Trishul.


In this landscape painting I have presented the importance of Kedarnath. It has been made artistically, in which both of the Kedarnath temple and the conch shell have been made, which is a special symbol of the faith of Hindus.